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On Saturday, October 2, 2010 Graceann Deters will be at the Douglas County Public Library participating in the library’s author gatherings from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M.   There will be seven authors participating in this program.  The library is located in Minden, NV at 1625 Library Lane.  This should be a very interesting experience and a chance to ask questions, get autographs, and meet the various local authors.   I hope you can join us.

On Wednesday, June 17th Graceann had a book signing at The Village Square Family store in Incline Village, Nevada.  There were approximately 30 persons at the signing.  Kathie Maxwell. the store owner was a gracious hostess and the signing was a great success.

Graceann spoke about her memoir and she also read a short excerpt from her book.  Cheese and wine were served and everyone enjoyed the experience.

Graceann Speaking in Minnesota

Graceann Speaking in Minnesota

On Tuesday, May 19th, Graceann had a book signing at the Bookcase in Wayzata, Minnesota.  It was a big success.  Over 40 persons came to the signing, many ordered multiple copies and the book store ran out of books, which is really wonderful.

Graceann spoke about the decision to write her memoir, and also the process of finding a ghost writer.  She also read two pages from Divine Betrayal and discussed the significance of the characters mentioned in those pages.  The talk lasted 20 minutes and it was followed with questions and comments from the audience.




This reader never thought of an autobiography as a “page turning” saga – but Graceann Deters has crafted her life story in a fashion that leaves the reader curious, concerned, perplexed, amazed, frightened and finally – relieved. Starting in the 1940s, Deters pens a chronicle that amazes from start to finish.

From the first few pages, where the author relates a terrible family tragedy, through her Pentecostal upbringing with Assemblies of God parents, being uprooted and moved from the United States to Brazil and back twice, to finally resolving a lifetime of religious and personal conflict – the reader sits spellbound while she reveals her innermost thoughts – and at the same time reveals the complexities and relationships with her church and friends in Brazil. The detailed events, particularly in Brazil, are educational and enlightening.  The courage to write this book – to bare her soul – and to share her story with readers leaves one in awe.
This book should be on a must-read list for anyone interested in knowing more about Pentecostal missionary work, the overseas service and hardships suffered, and the trials and tribulations of a young girl, growing to maturity, in what most readers will find to be the strange, and yet marvelous world that Deters portrays. When the reader finishes this book there remains a sense of relief and deep satisfaction in knowing that Graceann survives as a loving Mother and wife with a marvelous family. Don’t miss reading this one!

W.P.Scherer, Williamsburg, VA

This book should be required reading for families contemplating life as Missionaries in order to gain insights to the sacrifices for those left at home (parents and loved ones) and the children that will accompany them to the Mission Field.

“Divine Betrayal” touched back to my life as an “MK” or “Missionary’s Kid” who grew up in the proverbial “fishbowl” – also in Brazil. This “fishbowl” is what describes the stressful idiosyncrasies of the day to day life of Fundamentalist Christian leaders and their families when they dedicate their lives to Missions in far away lands. Sooner or later the build up stresses need relief.

Eventually “MK’s” grow up and look for their own answers, and gain their own identity that is separate from their parent’s choice to become missionaries. This is a deeply personal process that takes years of thought and soul searching to reconcile. By writing “Divine Betrayal” Graceann Deters has shared in her personal journey freely- so others contemplating becoming Missionaries may understand and gain critical insights. Thanks “Graça” you for the wonderful gift.

P. Olson, MK

“Dad was a preacher of extreme passion. Most of all, he passionately loved
Jesus, and winning souls for his church. He believed without question in the
extremity of his religion, including its prohibitions against virtually

Graceann Deters memoir begins in 1937. Her father, John Peter Kolenda, was a
Pentecostal missionary/preacher for he Assemblies of God; his family
centered all its life on the church. Indeed, prohibitions seem more numerous
than what was allowed: smoking, drinking, dancing, reading secular books,
having friends of other religions, wearing a woman’s hair the wrong length,
watching movies, etc. These are sometimes impossible to follow. While she
was clearly loved, the author’s childhood was repressive and sometimes
downright ugly. Out of the ordinary events include child molestation; her
fathers trying to cure a schizophrenic by praying (exorcising), poisonous
snakes and skin-invading insects; a cousin’s nervous breakdown; and
harrowing car and boat rides. The family moved back and forth between Brazil
and the U.S. several times, causing the author to have confusion about
language, nationality, and constantly having to make new friends.

While the “betrayal” incident eventually occurs, the moment is brief in
which the “divine” (i.e. Graceann’s human father) chooses his faith over
her. The most fascinating aspects of this memoir are its in-depth look at
life in an ultra-religious family, several exotic adventures, and the
authors even-handed approach to a severely circumscribed childhood. The
author’s tone, overall, is calm, not judgmental or angry. The reader finds
this amazing as in so many memoirs, this kind of childhood (or the loss
thereof) would be portrayed in much harsher terms.

US Reviews of Books

Divine Betrayal is about the long journey of a young missionary daughter to deliverance and self-discovery.  It is the story of a young girl who had to resolve, on her own, the titanic struggle within her, between the power of indoctrination and the power of the mind.  As this narrative flows through the lives of many people, it evokes feelings of disenchantment with an honorable man who set aside all worlds except the world of him with his God.  This is a compelling story that will be engaging and thought provoking for both secular and sectarian readers, the story of a young heroine who, fully aware of the consequences, stood alone in the face of a daunting force.  The author, Graceann K. Deters deserves our empathy and admiration.”

Sid Bekowich, Fulbright Scholar

“Graceann’s life story is a marvel that transported me to places I never knew existed.

Moira Lieberman

“Chilling yet uplifting tale of a child’s “coming of age” in a strict missionary family in Brazil.  So compelling, I can hardly wait to read it again.

Nancy McLachlan

“A story, rich in detail . . . downright adventurous . . .your depiction of your family members rings true because it draws them as real people, complete with both altruism and pettiness.

Rev. Dr. Jim Beebe, Rector,St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church, Incline Village, NV


“Graceann’s entire family made a serious, sustained and uncompromising effort to live their ideas of what Christianity is (i.e. classical fundamentalism).  It is one of the best such stories because of the many insights Graceann has about it.  She reflected on her intelligence to analyze her experiences and express her insights in non-dogmatic language that helps readers to learn”.

Woodard A. Ching, PhD  Psychologist


“Divine Betrayal” is the hopeful memoir of Graceann Kolenda Deters, who came of age in Brazil during the 1940’s, a time of war and worldwide political upheaval. Personal upheaval comes early for Grace who was 5 years old when her father felt the religious call to uproot his family from their home in Michigan and bring them to Brazil, a place of breathtaking beauty and shocking poverty. Grace mourned the loss of her life in the United States and soon learned to mourn for much, much more. The story is beautifully and sensitively written. It is not a bitter diatribe against her parents or a church, but a true story of a girl who “died” in Brazil and was, in her own words, “reshaped from the dirt and the water of a place that seeped into me in the night.”

Eileen Peterson, Essayist and Reviewer


“Fusing nature’s breathtaking beauty with life’s agonizing cruelty, this astounding true life story is a triumph in every sense of the word. Little Grace Kolenda and her missionary parents depart terra firma in Michigan over treacherous seas to an unknown life in Brazil. With the strength of someone far beyond her years, Grace cries out against the heartbreaking world around her, yet to the dishonor of her parents, devours the wonders of Florianopolis with all the zeal a child who simply can’t get enough of all that is life and living.”

Julie Peterson Freeman, PhD., Multicultural Education and Communication

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