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When you read Divine Betrayal you will be very conscious of little Gracie praying at every possible occasion. When she wishes a doll for Christmas she prays, when she argues with her sister, Gracie prays, when she is disobedient and needs forgiveness she prays, etc… But it isn’t the traditional prayer, where she kneels by her bed or in church, Graceann is really having a conversation with Jesus and she has no doubt that she is being heard. This type of prayer is not the only kind, and I believe prayer is very personal.
The definition of prayer is: an attempt to communicate with the higher power which created the universe. This is something that many people share in common, yet they may differ in the way they pray. Their purpose in praying may be the same, to give thanks, or to ask for something.
There have been a multitude of books written on this subject, and people may differ, many times having to do with their beliefs. Some religions may need a lot of preparation before praying, such as fasting, ringing of bells, burning candles or burning incense, etc… Others feel that praying should only be done in a church or temple. Whatever the method, the goal is the same,” to communicate with the higher power.”
For me, prayer has always been an integral part of my life. I could not function without it. I am a Christian and my prayers are directed at Jesus and God. My prayers seem to be more like a conversation, no matter where I am or what I am doing. I may be on a walk, or driving a car, or in the kitchen cooking, I am constantly praying. My prayers are mostly “thank you” even when I’m asking for a specific result. For instance, if I am praying for a sick friend I may say “Thank you Jesus for healing ——..” I seldom ask, and most of my prayers are “Thank you —-.” I may repeat the same prayer many times during the day. This sometimes may even seem similar to chanting. I find this relaxing and also comforting.
There is no right or wrong, and I don’t believe anyone has the correct formula for reaching God. It is a very personal thing, no matter how you believe, be it; Catholic, Buddhist, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, etc… (more…)

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