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Why Some Fundamentalist Christians Don’t Like My Book

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It seems that many radical fundamentalist Christians are disappointed when they read Divine Betrayal.  I guess it is because of the way I have questioned my father’s interpretation of the Bible, and the fact that I no longer share that fundamentalist point of view. If I should be so inclined to write a sequel to this book, it will certainly include how I came to believe in Jesus and my personal experiences as a Christian. Of course at the conclusion of Divine Betrayal, I am only eighteen years old—the fact is: I was full of doubt and I questioned my God; I questioned every part of my fundamentalist upbringing.

I was raised to believe that to question an elder’s interpretation of the Bible, the Word of God, is a sin!  But, I am proud to say that my faith in God is even stronger and more beautiful because I found my own way. My faith was not taught and learned, it is my gift, it was born from my childlike curiosity to ask questions.  Every child of God has doubt, but how many actually talk about it and are open to share what that means.

Have you ever doubted your faith?  Did it bring you to a closer relationship with God?  I am curious to see what other people think.  I invite you to comment and share your own experiences!!

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