I have had the pleasure of speaking to several groups about the process of writing my memoir.  I was surprised at how well received my lectures have been.  I’ve gotten comments like: “I have been to your book signing, and thought that this would be more of the same, but everything was new and interesting,” and “this lecture was informative and educational.  I never imagined there was so much involved in writing a book.”

Graceann Speaking in Minnesota

Graceann Speaking in Minnesota

It has been such a pleasure to meet new people and talk about this entire process, whether it’s the emotional element of writing your memoir (digging up and cleaning the cobwebs off of all those buried feelings and memories), or the backlash I’ve received from my father’s family (who did not want me to tell this story), and of course the technical part of writing, publishing, and marketing a memoir.  Who knew?  When I sat down and put my pen to paper I had no idea we would end up here.

My lectures are not just about me and my experience, my husband Bill shares his experience too—he talks about our decision to publish independently and the many hurdles we have had to clear in order to meet our goals and bring this book to life.  It’s amazing how much is involved, things you don’t think about: choosing the title, creating the perfect book cover, choosing the paper, the print, creating a website, blogging, etc….  We were lucky to have gotten so much wonderful (often critical) feedback from friends in the industry—every step has been a crucial part of this learning process.  We are still learning!

If you have a book club or a group who would like to talk with us about our experience of publishing Divine Betrayal, I would be delighted to hear from you.  Bill and I travel extensively all over the country—so chances are we’ll be in your neighborhood sometime soon.  Let’s connect.

Graceann Deters


1. The Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. How safe do you think it will be there?

2. Memoirs are different from other kind of books. With other book you can ask “What did the author mean by this or that? With a memoir you may be uncomfortable asking because it’s so personal.

3. Why did you write your memoir?

4. Were your daughters aware of the sexual abuse before reading your book?

5. When did you figure out is was not a “big toe?”

6. What happened to the pedophile Widmer?

7. Why the title “Divine Betrayal?

8. On the cover you say a “Story of Love, Rebellion and Redemption” I want to know more about the “Redemption?”

9. How did your experiences effect how you were as a mother?

10. I feel badly for your mother. “It seems like she didn’t have a Self?”

11. After your dad’s death did your mother become more herself?

12. Did your mother change her actions towards Dorothy after your Dad died?

13. How did your mother’s relationship with your dad effect you as a wife?

14. What about Dorothy? Did she marry and have children?

15. I found your childhood similar to a cult, do you find the similarity?

16. Your tone in your book was not angry. Weren’t you angry with your Dad for “using you!” Such as making you play the hawaiian guitar?

17. What do your relatives think of your book?

18. I find it hard to believe that anyone would interpret the Bible literally. How can they do this?

19. I was terrorized by going once to an Assemblies of God church as a child. I was terrified with the speaking in tongues. What is it?

20. Have you ever spoken in tongues and do you do that now?

21. In the United States do the Assemblies of God members do home schooling, or do they let their children go to public schools?

22. With what political persuasion do Assemblies of God people and other religious fundamentalists tend to identify – Liberal or Conservative?

23. How can you be religious and have so much hate?

24. To me Stella demonstrated what a true Christian is, she accepted everyone. Do you agree?

25. Do you feel more secure with yourself after writing the memoir?

26. It looks like you had reasons to feel a lot of guilt. Did you feel more guilty as a child or as an adult?

27. What happened to your uncle Ernie, what was he really like?

28. Have you been back to Florianopolis? Has it changed?

29. Have you been back to the market place where you saw the beheading?

30. How did you meet your husband?

31. Did you feel loved by your parents as a child and as an adult?

32. Do you think you will write another book? Perhaps a continuation of your memoir?

33. What positive comments have you received from readers?

34. What negative comments have you received from readers?

35. How did you decide to use a ghost writer and how did you find her?

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