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Graceann Kolenda Deters was born on April 21, 1934 in Clio, Michigan.  She lived in Brazil from 1939 to 1952.  She and her husband, Bill Deters, have three children and five grandchildren, and live in Incline Village, Nevada.  Since 1997, Graceann has been a partner and manager with her husband in their current business, W.G..Securities LLC, a firm that invests in real estate and emerging companies.

Graceann earned her graduate degree in Human Development from St. Mary’s University in 1986, after having previously undertaken graduate work in educational psychology at the University of Minnesota, where she also completed a nursing education degree with honors in 1958.  She also graduated from Burge Hospital School of nursing in Springfield, Missouri in 1956, which today is called Cox College of Nursing and Health Services.  Graceann’s history of community work and involvement is impressive.

A Recent Article by Graceann:


Bill and I celebrated 50 years of marriage on December 28, 2008. We were not teenagers when we married and today we’re in our seventies. However, if you were to ask us how old we feel, we’d say “fifty years old or younger.” Age brings wrinkles, sagging skin, brown spots on our skin, etc…but our bodies and mind have never been more fit. We attribute much of this to the writing of my memoir, Divine Betrayal.

First, Bill and I have always known we must keep our bodies fit. We walk, run, lift weights, almost daily and my passion is tennis. We live in the mountains, so in the winter we ski and get our share of exercise snow shoeing. We try to eat wisely such as limiting our intake of empty carbs, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, and drinking lots of water.

But in the past five years we have also become more alert, perhaps wiser as our brain is constantly being challenged. The stimulation of our memories by constant recollection of past events has added to our memory and retention. In writing Divine Betrayal, I had to remember minute details of things that happened 60 years ago. This may be a strain on my mind but more importantly, it is vital life-extending exercise for the brain.

Not only did I write a book but Bill and I needed a website to promote it. So we had to learn a new vocabulary, a new language i.e. blogs, surfing the net, search engine, spiders and bots, Google, web page, query letters, galleys, Facebook, upload, download, domains, URL’s, hotmail, website, media search, postings, JPEG images, KB’s etc… Wow! At first it was scary, a new territory. Would my computer “crash”? What if I touched the wrong key? What if I erased everything and what if I forgot to save, which I’ve done a few times. Well, it took courage to get started and perseverance until the end of the journey.

With the book adventure we met many new and talented collaborators. It seems like most of these people are young, (most are in their 30’s or 40’s) and associating with the young, keeps us young. Their energy is inspirational and their understanding of information age technology is to be envied and emulated. We have learned so much from them. And I’m still overwhelmed by the sophistication of our Web Site. Check it out at www.divinebetrayal.com. The step by step guidance and patience of our web designers was and remains very gratifying.

Life seems to get more exciting everyday and I’m feeling great. If you have the slightest urge to write a memoir, I certainly recommend that you sit right down in front of your computer and start typing. You will never regret it and you might even gain a few joyous and satisfying years.

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