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No More Comments?

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            During the first week in August I was very upset because all of a sudden there were no more comments on my web site coming from the readers of my blogs.  I was shocked that it happened so suddenly.  Usually I receive 10 to 15 comms per day.  Of course, I figured the problem was with me.  I had not written any blogs for over two weeks.  Then I posted the blog about President Obama’s appearance on The View and still I had no comments from readers. 

            I use Word Press as filter for all of my blogs.  I am given a chance to accept or reject all comments before actually posting them on my web site.  On a few occasions this is very useful, as there are always people trying to sell something, or some comment not having anything whatsoever  to do with the blog.  I also receive a significant number of comments in other languages, including;  Dutch, German, Chinese, etc…     I always  get a translation before I post them. 

            As I mentioned, the first week of August I did not receive any posts.   I also noticed that I had over 150 items in the “Junk Mail” folder, which is way above normal.  I was very busy during this time and I emptied this folder without looking.  Today, again I had accumulated a lot of items in the “Junk Mail.” folder   I decided to look at this folder, and see what was happening.  Well, I was shocked to see most of them were comments waiting for my approval from Word Press.  Somehow my computer was placing all of these in the “Junk Mail” folder. 

            So, if you sent me an important comment and do not see it in my blog page, please re-send it.  I will make sure it gets posted.  Thank you for reading my blogs and I greatly value each and everyone of your comments.  This keeps me motivated and I will continue adding new information to my blog pages.


President Obama and The View

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President Obama on The ViewI think it is interesting.  For the past three weeks I have been unable to create.  My mind goes blank and I am unable to think of anything to write.  I have never experienced this before and it is very frightening.  That is why, today, I have decided to sit down and just write, even though I can not think of a specific topic.

Last week I was upset at the prospect of President Obama  being a guest on a talk show, especially “The View”.  I think of this show as frivolous and not the type of show  that our leader should be part of.  My “old fashioned” idea is that the presidency is dignified, on a high pedestal and the President should act accordingly. Obviously this is not today’s protocol.   I could not get myself to watch the live show, but was able to record it and I watched later in the week.  

These are my impressions.  I felt President Obama seemed to enjoy this role, and this did not surprise me.  He is known for enjoying the role of “rock star” and being in the media front.  I felt the women on this program were very respectful and they were very aware of their special role when questioning the President of the United States.  They were obviously prepared, and their questions were, for the most part appropriate. Even Barbara Walters carefully chose her words and showed a great deal of respect for our leader.  Elizabeth tried to ask a provocative question about the effect of unemployment on our population, but the question was, for the most part ignored.   President Obama was interested in letting the audience hear about all the wonderful things he has accomplished.  Joy, asked several frivolous questions, trying to lighten the conversation such as “Do you know that Lindsay Lohan is in jail? “  but I don’t believe these questions in anyway made the program less (more…)

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