CAFEZINHO (Demitasse coffee)

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              Coffee is not just grown in Brazil, but it is a very important part of the Brazilian culture.  Most Brazilians drink several cups of coffee per day and it is served in demitasse cups.  It is a very strong, almost a syrup, and they usually fill the demitasse cup half full with sugar and then add the coffee.  Of course there is a jolt and I’ve often wondered if it comes from the caffeine or sugar.  It probably comes from both.  In Portuguese the name for coffee is “Café” and “Cafezinho” literally means little coffee.

            Cafezinho is served at tall bars, with standing room only, no stools.  The customer comes to the bar, orders his cafezinho, adds the sugar, stirs and with one or two gulps it is swallowed.  He goes on to his business. He may do this several times during the day. For this reason American coffee companies, such as Starbucks, have not been successful in Brazil.  The Brazilian does not sit, relax, visit with friends, or even use the internet while he is drinking his coffee.  This is a cultural phenomena and it is not going to change.

            If you visit Rio de Janeiro for the soccer World Cup in 2012 or the Olympics in 2016, look for these bars, they are very common in Rio.  Try it out!  You will be pleasantly surprised at this experience, especially if you are tired, you’ve have been walking, shopping, and need an extra boost.  Believe me, it works.

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