An Unhappy Writer

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A few days ago I attended a social gathering in our village. A gentleman who is also a writer, he has not yet published a book but dreams of someday becoming a known author, approached me. His comment was: “How is your book selling?”

I answered: “Very well, thank you, sales are slowing down a little now and I know I have to get out and do some more promotions.”

His reply was: “Do you mean that all your relatives have their copy and there is no one else who wants it?”

My answer was: “No, I have not sold one copy to any of my relatives, and I sent four free copies to cousins, who completely rejected my book.” He smiled, as if he did not believe me and walked away.

How do I interpret his comments? It hurt me at first, I even became angry at his sarcasm, but then had to remind myself that maybe he was experiencing some jealousy in the fact that I am published and I am sure he has heard the positive remarks about Divine Betrayal from mutual friends. This must cause some pain for him. I was able to quickly get over my anger.

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