Negative Family Comments for Divine Betrayal

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This is a rather emotional subject for me, then again my entire memoir is emotional.  I’ve laid myself out there for all the world to see, and in so doing my family is less than thrilled.  Most people don’t willing air their dirty laundry.  I think that is one of the most difficult aspects of writing a memoir.  I have spoken with many people who have a story to tell but would never write it as memoir because it might embarrass or hurt someone they love.  Truthfully, my story doesn’t hurt or slander anyone, it simply reminds—it brings up sensitive subjects that some people would have rather buried—like the subject of child molestation for instance.

My book is getting some back-lash, it’s true.

About the only negative comments about Divine Betrayal have been from my relatives, on my father’s side, and also from very strict fundamentalist born-again Christians. This has surprised me. I thought that my relatives would accept my story, and would be interested to hear what it was like growing up in a strange land as the daughter of a missionary preacher. But the only explanation I have for their rejection is that they had a preconceived notion of what it was like for my sister Dorothy and I growing up as daughters of a wonderful man, my father, John Peter Kolenda. I also believe they disapprove of the fact that we both rejected my father’s religion, which is their religion.

Interestingly enough, no one wants to outright talk about this or my memoir, they give me hints of disapproval, aside from one cousin who e-mailed me the comment: “I think what you are doing is sick.”

I have been told that writing my memoir was brave.  I guess I never understood that, for me, I was just writing my story—what’s so brave about that? The truth is, my story is mine and mine alone—my memories, me perception of a time long ago, my memories.  These are different than those of my family, and for that reason, I think it’s tough for people (my father’s family) to read this story and accept that my life was in fact not perfect: I experienced and witnessed death, molestation, poverty, and hardship.  These experiences made my life richer and fuller, I would not change them for anything.

Do you have a story?  Please send me your comments. I would appreciated any comments you may have.

Graceann Deters, Author of Divine Betrayal, An Inspirational Story of Love, Rebellion, and Redemption

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