Marketing Divine Betrayal frustrations

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What is really frustrating to me in the marketing of Divine Betrayal is that almost everyone who has read my story has commented that it is a “page turner, captivating, well written, entertaining, adventurous, shocking, and a good read.” Some have gone as far as saying it is one of the best memoir’s they have ever read.

Divine Betrayal has also won three awards from significant competitions. It received two Honorable Mention Awards, one from the San Francisco Book Festival Awards and the other from the Beach Book Festival Awards. It also received a Finalist Award from the Indie Excellence Book Awards.

Everyone tells me that they have passed the book on to family member, friends, and some have bought several copies of the book to give to others. How can I get this very positive information to the public and get them to read my book?

The problem with (among the many joys of) writing a book, is that once the manuscript is complete, the hard part begins—how do we get people to buy our books?  I know I am not alone in this dilemma.  Of course I am trying my hand at social networking and I try to blog regularly, is this working? W shall see.  Stay tuned—I’ll keep you posted!!

Graceann Deters, author of Divine Betrayal , An Inspirational Story of Love, Rebellion, and Redemption

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  1. Rhonda Says:

    Hi Graceann,
    So true! Your book touches a large audience as well as specifically being one that would easily fit into a Christian bookstore. My suggestion is to try the Christian marketplace. I spend a lot of time perusing books in Christian bookstores and generally there are fewer of them than at the larger general bookstores. Yes, I loved your book. Yes, I could not put it down. I do hope you have success beyond your wildest dreams. In HIS care, Rhonda

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