Why Read Divine Betrayal?

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I’m often asked why anyone would want to read Divine Betrayal, my memoir. There are so many answers to this question, and I will give a few of the most common reasons. 

First, it is entertaining. It tells about Graceann, a young girl growing up in a different country in the midst of adverse poverty.  She had to learn to speak a new language and survive the dangers all around her. She accepted living with lice and other parasites like round worm, pin worms, and bicho de pe; a round chigger-like parasite which embedded itself in her bare feet, causing itching and pain. When playing or walking in the woods, or even in her yard, she had to keep a sharp eye out for poisonous snakes that came out to sun themselves in clearings. This was everyday life, and Graceann became accustomed to living with hunger, disease, death–even carrying dead babies to their graves.  

Divine Betrayal is also the story of growing up in a very strict, cult-like religion.  In Brazil, when the Assemblies of God was just beginning to have influence there, everything was ordered and dictated by the church. As a missionary daughter, Graceann had to obey every rule. Dresses were long and not sleeveless, hair had to be uncut and braided, make up or jewelry of any kind were forbidden, and friends had to be believers or members of the church. These were only a few of the many rules Graceann had to follow. As a child it was easy to obey these rules, but as a teenager it became more difficult, if not impossible for her to obey. She wanted desperately to be like everyone else and not to stand out as “different” in school or in a crowd.  Divine Betrayal tells about Graceann’s journey through relationship conflicts, inner conflicts, and the guilt she felt when questioning the church rules and dogma. Many missionary kids and pastor’s kids will relate to this story, as will anyone who struggled to find their identity growing up.

But with all of the adversity, there was also a lot of fun. Catching crabs off the rocks near her house, swimming, and eating raw oysters right off the rocks were some of Graceann’s favorite pastimes. She appreciated the beauty there, from the mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. Graceann met life-long friends, learned to love Brazil and didn’t want to return to the U.S. at eighteen years of age. 

The most frequent comment I hear from readers of Divine Betrayal is “Once I started the first page I could not put it down!” I think readers will learn a lot about the wonderful country of Brazil–its history and its people.  I hope they will also get a sense of why I still miss Brazil, and love to return there as often as possible.

4 Responses to “Why Read Divine Betrayal?”

  1. Mathieu Says:

    Your article was interesting. I think I should read your book.
    In the meantime, I went to have a look on Amazon.com about your novel.

    After have reading those reviews and comments, would you like your book are translaten into other languages (portuguese or french)?
    Moreover, I like to discover new cultures, new countries, new people. Your like seems to be interesting to be aware of it bcs it can be an evidence against all sort of obscurantism. Unfortunately, each religion and each concept have its own obscurantism. How to believe in a pure concept and religion?
    Keep it up!

  2. Marcel Witcher Says:

    Nice article,very Good.

  3. Alan Boscio Says:

    You write Formidable articles,keep up good work.

  4. Adamos Says:

    Very interesting and useful information, thanks!

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