Part V – Writing Your Memoir

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During this same time, my husband was trying to contact old Navy friends from a destroyer he had been assigned to almost 50 years ago.  By some miracle, he was able to connect with a fellow officer from the “The USS Miller.”  When Art asked Bill what he was doing and found out about our decision to publish independently, he informed Bill that he was retired, but had been in the publishing business. He referred Bill to one of the leading self-publishing consultants in the U.S., Brian Jud.

Brian Jud gave us names and recommended two or three people in each of the areas of publishing, so that we were able to select a marketable name for the book, design the cover, do all the filings, and have the book professionally proofread. We had to choose pictures, choose type, paper, and hire a printer. Then we sent advance copies to reviewers and with the help of experts we designed our website site, www.divinebetrayal.com.  This was not an easy task but we learned by diving in and doing it.  At the same time we were working with outstanding and very creative people, who helped us accomplish our goals.


Then we needed to decide how many copies of the book to print—a thousand? 10,000? 100,000?   And also, what were the best methods of distribution and sales for us?

 Overcoming fears

One of the greatest fears was – REJECTION.  What if we printed a thousand copies and sold twenty to our family only? What if our garage remained full of cartons of books and mailers?  I had nightmares about this.


We decided first to let our friends and business acquaintances know that Divine Betrayal was published and easily available.  We were able to sell copies through our web site, and then acquired distribution through the major venues like Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Borders and the rest.

 Then Bill embarked on the task of arranging radio and television interviews for me.  In the meantime I needed some training for the execution of exciting and informative interviews.  All of this takes time, money and energy.  We do not expect this to be a gold mine, as our expenses have been unbelievable, but we are doing this mainly because we feel the story needs to be told. This story may help inspire someone to think for themselves, or to gather the strength and courage to break out of a confining and autocratic situation. Above all, I hope it’s entertaining.


This has been a fantastic journey.  Both Bill and I have learned so much and we are having fun.  I strongly recommend that if you have the urge to write and publish your story, do it now.  Maybe you’ll self-publish ten copies for your family.  Maybe you’ll independently publish and distribute one thousand copies and be on Amazon.com.  Maybe you’ll be on Oprah and a big publisher will advance you $100K for the privilege of publishing your masterpiece.  But regardless of the results, there is an exciting adventure ahead for you.  You will not only do yourself and your family a favor, but in the process you will grow and learn more about yourself and the world of publishing than you ever imagined possible.





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