Part II – Writing Your Memoir

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 I am often asked, “How do you remember the exact dates? How do you remember the places you were?  How can you remember all of those names?” My sister Dorothy helped me to remember names and details of the first six years we lived in Brazil. And I was fortunate that my parents saved letters they received from friends and relatives. They also retained copies of letters they wrote to friends and relatives while living in Brazil.  Rollin and Henrietta Severance were large supporters of my parent’s mission.  Mother kept them informed weekly, sometime several times during the week, with long, single spaced letters, sharing every detail of our life in Brazil. Years later, the Severances returned all of these letters to my parents.

Though my memory did bring back much of this information, I was able to verify most things by checking the letters. It’s too bad the art of letter writing is now lost.  I don’t save my e-mails, and since most of my correspondence with friends and relatives is through the computer, this information will be lost to future generations.  


Then I had to make an important decision.  Do I want to give this information to my children only or should I share it with the world?  I am not an expert writer.  I have only taken basic, mandatory college English classes.  English is my second language–I still dream in Portuguese and find it very difficult to write and express my thoughts in English.  So I decided to search for a ghost writer, someone who would make sense out of my stories and bring them to life.  I was fortunate to connect with Jeannine Ouellette through a web site advertising “ghost writers.”  I sent one of my chapters to three candidate ghost writers and when I read Jeannine’s sample, I broke into tears! She had brought the story to life and I immediately felt a real connection with her writing. I describe our relationship as “I gave her a black and white sketch and Jeannine added the background and the color, making it a work of art.”

I sent Divine Betrayal to two proof readers and both said they felt I had an excellent story and one that deserves to be published.  This caused me to think seriously about the implications of having my story out there for all to read.  Was it really that interesting?  I always felt my childhood was normal and mundane. Why would anyone want to read about me?  Did I want to expose myself to criticism, as I knew many would object to what I wrote? These are all questions you have to ask yourself if you are going to write a memoir.


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