My two Beautiful Friends

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EXCERT – Chapter Twenty-Four – My Two Beautiful Friends



Graceann, Yvonne and Stella

Graceann, Yvonne and Stella

Stella and I found other ways to get away together.  Whenever we had a holiday from school, we went to Urubici and stayed with Stella’s parents.  Often our friend Yvonne came along-another beautiful girl, who was tall and slender, with straight blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. Sometimes I couldn’t understand how I, with my plain face and “big bones,” my long braids and my dark dresses, overweight, and with no makeup could fit in with such pretty friends.  Yvonne’s father owned a trucking company, and he was always willing to let us hitch a ride to Urubici with one of his drivers.  Often, Yvonne tagged along with us for as long as her Catholic school schedule allowed.  Our winter breaks that year fell at the same time, and we spent three weeks together in Urubici.  It was a vacation soaked in sin.  First off, Yvonne was Catholic, and being in her company was in itself an endangerment to my soul.  The situation was irresistible.  We stayed at a truly glorious ranch with horseback riding and picnics every afternoon.  When it rained, we listened to music in the house.  We even danced.  This would have been an absolute scandal if anyone had seen us and reported it to the church.


 Graceann’s Comments:


It disturbs me when I read this paragraph, referring to our good time as “sin.”  But during the four or five days we spend on this ranch, which belonged to a friend of Stella’s family, I felt like a sinner.  First, I borrowed pants from Stella to use when we went horse back riding.  We were accompanied by a cowboy who worked on this ranch.  They insisted we have a man along, in case we had any problems with the horses.  This was not acceptable within the rules of our church.  Then, Yvonne, who was Catholic, was automatically a sinner according to the church criteria and Stella was also not a church member.  It was so wonderfully freeing to be far away from the prying eyes and judgments of church members.  Sometimes we played the record player in the house, and danced around the living room keeping time to the sambas and waltzes being played.  It was just three girls having a wonderful time, but one of the girls, me, had do deal with a heavy dose of guilt.  What is someone saw us? What if my parents found out? What if I was really sinning?  These were questions I had to deal with on an hourly basis.

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