Dad the Gaucho

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Dad the Gaucho-Graceann’s Father

Dad the Gaucho

Dad was practically never home. He was busy helping Missionary Nordlund, the Swedish missionary in charge of the entire state of Rio Grande do Sul. The main church in Porto Alegre had many outstations. These were smaller congregations, from twenty-five to over two hundred people, in the nearby suburbs and villages. Most of these congregations did not have a full-time pastor, but were ministered to by preachers who traveled from village to village. There was never enough help, so Dad kept busy the whole time he was there, going from place to place. He seemed to enjoy helping Brother Nordlund, and It also gave him an opportunity to preach in Portuguese and get a feeling for what his future work would entail. At the same time, he was scouting for a permanent place for his own mission.

Graceann’s Comments

Mother, Dorothy and I stayed with Aunt Martha and Uncle Rodrigo when we first arrived in Brazil. Dad was busy and gone most of the time. Aunt Martha lived in the southern most state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul. This state borders Uruguay and Argentina and it is the land of the Brazilian cowboy, the gaucho. Dad loved what he was doing and one of the first things he did was to buy a Gaucho outfit. He kept these clothes and took them with him when we returned to America six years later. It was customary for missionaries to dress in their native costumes in America, often at summer camps, to give their supporters a little flavor of the countries they represented.

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